UK money-saving tips and offers

UK money saving tips and offers - from pennies to a pile of money

The Money Godfather

We share some UK money-saving tips, techniques, products and services (plus general information) we found to earn more, spend less, save some dosh and still enjoy life.

The cost-of-living crisis of 2022 served as a big wake-up call to us all.  Suddenly everything cost more, mortgage rates shot up and the prospects of earning more faded. Like everyone else we had to sort out our cash flow – fast! We had to learn better money management very fast.

Knowledge is protection. We hope this may help you as well.

Save Pennies | Money saving tips, ideas and hacks

Earn pounds | Ways to increase your earnings

Grow value | Save and invest for the future

Have fun | Enjoy life, do more

Live well | Do good, stay safe

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